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What college coaches look for (part 2)


The first thing that will catch most every coach’s eye is talent. Simply put, you got game? Here are various aspects of what talent means to a college coach:

Pure athletic ability:

  • Height, weight and size

  • Timing and anticipation skills

  • Natural speed, power, balance & agility and strength base

Sports skill (aka “basketball IQ”):

  • Offensive skills…ability to: shoot & score, dribble, pass, set teammates up to score, ability to move without the ball, offensive rebounding skill, ability to score in transition

  • Defensive skills…ability to: defend on and off the ball, understanding opponent patterns and use counter-moves, ability to defend and stop a smaller/quicker or bigger/stronger opponent, defensive rebounding skill, ability to defend in transition

Number of positions played:

  • How many different positions can you play???

  • Only a post player?

  • Only a perimeter player?

  • Are you a “tweener” (too small to play inside but too big for the perimeter)

  • Are you able to learn a new position?

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