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What college coaches look for (part 6)


A player’s character is crucial as this reaches far beyond the court. Remember, college coaches are not only looking for players to develop and compete with, they’re looking for young men/women to do business with. Coaches will not risk their job security on players who will not keep their commitments as student-athletes. Here are a few thoughts around character:

Work Ethic

This factor resonates with coaches and is a critical factor in helping the coach develop their trust that you will do the right things in a game. Here are some thought questions/comments that a coach may have on work ethic.

  • How do you currently approach making yourself better?

  • Are you personally curious to find out how good you actually can become as a player?

  • Are you a student of the game?

  • Do you watch game film? (of yourself and others)

  • Do you accept input from others?

  • Are you teachable?

  • What’s your personal pain tolerance?

  • Playing college sports has much to do with learning how to operate successfully in a strained environment. You must quickly get used to the fact that the game is faster and more demanding at the college level and above.

  • What are your personal fears with college sports and campus life? What are you doing to conquer these fears?

  • What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to improve?

  • Sacrificing other sports and recreational opportunities if necessary.

  • Sacrifice your own comfort level for the sake of improving your personal game and to play basketball with integrity.

  • Consistency is the mark of a good performer

  • Are you a dependable and consistent basketball player?

  • Can the coach consistently count on you to execute the game plan?

  • Can your teammates consistently trust you while on the court?

  • How do you approach improving your consistency?

  • Do you get input on how to improve?

  • Do you practice the fine points and details until it’s second nature?

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