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How to shoot a basketball

How to shoot a basketball

Here are the notes from the video...

The "Golden Rule" for shooting:

  • Your shot has to be comfortable

  • Your shot has to be consistent

  • Your shot has to work

Shooting mechanics:

The Shooting Base

  • Feet are hip-width apart

  • Shooting foot slightly in front

  • Slightly turn your feet so your shooting hand is naturally aligned to the rim

  • Knees bent

The Shooting Pocket

  • The mid-thigh or knee area

  • This is the place where you start your shot

The Target

  • Aim for the back of the rim

  • Reach into the "cookie jar" (emphasizes a high release)

  • "Scratch the back" of the rim (drops the ball into the back portion of the rim)

The Release

  • The index finger, middle finger and thumb are the primary fingers handling the ball

  • Handle the ball with your finger pads (the 1st knuckle)

  • Start your shot in the pocket, bring the ball up and into your release with one motion

  • Your knees straighten as the ball comes up

  • Release the ball at the top of your jump or when your knees are straight

  • Release the ball by flipping your hand and pointing your fingers down to the ground

  • Index finger, middle finger, 2-finger or 4-finger release emphasis

Scoring the basketball:

Different types of shots:

  • Static shots - shots from a still or set position (e.g. foul shots, set shots)

  • Dynamic shots - shots from a moving position (e.g. jump shots, shots off the dribble)

Different scoring areas:

  • Interior area - approximately 8 feet and in

  • Mid-range area - approximately 8 feet - 17 feet away from the basket

  • Perimeter area - 3-point territory

Typical shots in the scoring areas:

  • Interior - post shots, lay-ups

  • Mid-range - set shots, jump shots, shots off the dribble

  • Perimeter - set shots, jump shots, shots of the dribble

The power of footwork:

  • Hop as you catch the ball

  • Step and dribble at the same time - this gives you 2 extra steps

  • 1-2 step or a hop to begin your shot

  • Hops or jump-stops off the dribble - this gives you 1 extra step

  • Read the defense

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