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You are what you eat...and drink...and sleep (part 2)

Nightie Night…

Now, after you have worked out like a champ and have eaten like a champ, it’s now time to REST like a champ!

Along with nutrition, sleep is equally important in helping your body recover and grow. Think about it, you’ve had a busy day at school, you’ve had to do homework, you have chores around the house to do and you’ve just put your body through an intense workout. Whew…that’s a FULL day! You’ve put your body through a lot and it has been responding really well. So give your body a break! You don’t want to blow a gasket!

Proper rest allows you to simply do that, REST. And, believe it or not, your body does the majority of its repair, recovery and growth when you’re asleep.

Granted, all of our sleeping patterns may vary but given the style of strength and conditioning we’re performing, basketball players should sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. Getting this amount of rest daily helps your body learn to repair, recover and grow consistently. Don’t be a night owl, GO TO BED.

Here’s an old saying from my high school coach: “if you hoot with the owls at night, you won’t soar with the eagles in the morning”!

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