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What college coaches look for (part 4)


A player’s character is crucial as this reaches far beyond the court. Remember, college coaches are not only looking for players to develop and compete with, they’re looking for young men/women to do business with. Coaches will not risk their job security on players who will not keep their commitments as student-athletes. Here are a few thoughts around character:


For starters, only a small percentage of college players actually play professional basketball (includes NBA, overseas, semi-pro, or other professional organizations). Given this, a player’s post college “earnings potential” will most likely be in a non-professional sports setting (i.e. corporate America, small business, etc).

Players fortunate enough to play at some professional level are usually retired by age 40. Given the typical human life span (~85+ years), players will spend more of their lives OFF the court than on it.

Earning a college education is a tremendous opportunity. A college degree is a plus for most jobs. A college education is an expensive investment. If a college is looking to provide a scholarship to a player, they will seriously consider if the player is genuine about taking advantage of it. Often, the college will ask people other than the player and their parents about their character in high school. Typical people include: HS coach, teachers, principal and faculty.

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