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Locker room talk - Part #4 (The FUEL)

Passion… “the fuel”

I’ll start by stating the obvious; no automobile can function without fuel. Fuel is the combustion element creating the fire to move the vehicle!

Passion inspires the team to compete and win! It is the motivating effect defying logic and personal comfort. Passion is the emotional charge propelling you down the road to experiencing your potential.

If you don’t have passion, you will never fully experience your potential. Just like the abandoned car on the highway, you will never reach your final destination of who you were meant to be. You will only experience part of your journey and eventually get bitter over what could have been.

Think about those of us who use gas stations J. If we’re running low on gas, we MUST stop and refuel along the way or we won’t make our destination. The same is true with passion. We must continually feed our passion so it can propel us to our destiny.

How do you keep the fire burning???

I’m glad you asked *smile*. Passion begins with a personal curiosity to find out how good you and your team can become. Personal curiosity is the “spark plug” that starts the fire and keeps it burning. Think to yourself, “I wonder how good I can actually be this year”, or “I wonder how far the team will go this year”. When you’re personally curious in this way, you’ll crave anything that reveals the next chapter of your improvement.

One method I used while growing up in the 1980s was to study college and NBA players who were experiencing their potential. My favorite role models to watch were Len Bias, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, James Worthy and Dominique Wilkins (to name a few). It was easy to see their passion and I sought to imitate them.

I would frequently daydream of making those same moves and eventually I did! There were times where I looked like an idiot trying their moves but that didn’t matter. I was more interested to see if I could actually do it. My personal curiosity out-weighted my fears and was the fire driving me to achievement. Follow your curiosity to wherever it leads. It’s driving you down the path to your destiny!

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