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Locker room talk - Part #1

Now before you cover your eyes and ears, this blog is not what you may think…

Believe it or not, there are many GOOD things to discuss in both the boys and girls locker room!

Since many of the players are now beginning their seasons, I wanted to share my thoughts on how to have good team chemistry between their teammates as well as the coaching staff.

I’ve been a part of many locker rooms and I’ve experienced the entire gamut of team chemistry: from times when 2 of my high school teammates had a fist fight in the locker room before a game, to situations where everyone feels the “magic” and excitement of everyone being on the same page; there are definitely many lessons learned and perspectives to share.

The most dangerous threat to a team’s chemistry is un-dealt with fear. All players and coaches have fears of some kind and it’s important to identify and address them. When players and coaches don’t deal with their fears, disaster is sure to come. Teams that deal with their fears have made the first step to building good team chemistry.

There are many different methods to create the critical “synergy” necessary for a positive game experience. Some methods and styles work better than others in certain situations.

For the sake of not turning this into a novel, I’ve framed my thoughts around 4 critical areas essential to building good team chemistry amongst players and the coaching staff. Since most of the players are at or approaching driving age, I’ll illustrate these areas like the parts of a car *smile*

This is certainly not the exclusive list of winning locker room factors, but they are critical elements all players and coaches should consider when building the right locker room atmosphere.

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