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Success, one basket at a time!


Your destination for basketball knowledge and access to skills & sports performance training

The Hoop Dreams Approach:

  • Individual & team fundamentals

  • Learning the various patterns of the game

  • A variety of skill development drills and scrimmages

  • Learning to apply the best skill for the game situation

  • Sports performance and general fitness training

Meet Coach Larry!!!

Larry Green (aka “LG”) is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. While growing up in a college town atmosphere, Larry was exposed to the exciting basketball action of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Basketball seemed to be a very good sports choice as he was 6’5” and able to dunk at age 12.


Sports would not be the only defining aspect of Larry’s high school days. In high school, he was a member of the National Honor Society, Boy’s State of Virginia participant and elected Vice President of his senior class. Larry graduated from Charlottesville High School in 1991 with a 3.85 GPA.


Larry played college basketball at the United States Naval Academy. This proved to be a tremendous experience as he helped to rebuild their program culminating in a NCAA tournament bid in 1994. Larry graduated from the Naval Academy in 1995 with a degree in Economics.


While serving in the military as a Supply Officer, Larry held a variety of leadership positions supporting the business needs of his command post. Larry earned his MBA while on active duty.


Upon leaving the Navy in 2000, Larry embarked upon an exciting career in Silicon Valley working for IBM, Apple, eBay, PayPal and VeriSign.  He's also spent time in the fitness industry, working as a corporate strategist for 24 Hour Fitness.  Larry currently works as a Global Program Manager at Google.


Larry has stayed close to the game since his college days. He’s played overseas (Spain & Philippines) and many Pro-Am leagues. He’s actively trained youth, high school, college and professional athletes.



Off the court  


Larry and Dierdre enjoy their three children: Carmen, Layla and Cameron and all of the exciting moments family life offers.


His family enjoys a variety of activities together such as cooking, music, reading, making family movies, sports/exercise, making new friends in the community

and family vacations.

Neat facts & stats


​• Played the piano from age 5 through high school

• Played the saxophone in the high school 

• Has a wing span of 7'1"

• Had a 49" vertical leap when he played

• Ambidextrous

• Enjoys cooking & baking as a hobby, has a big sweet tooth

• Enjoys listening to talk radio

• Track & field events: high jump, triple jump, long jump, 400 meter run & mile (4x400M) relay

• All-state track & field honors in high school

• Hates running on the treadmill for fear he may fall off

• 4'9" tall in the 1st grade, 6'5" in the 8th grade, grew only 3 more inches to 6'8"

• Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

• Certified Youth Skills Coach with USA Basketball

• Co-founder of the Triumph Skills Academy basketball club


They're playing basketball!!!

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